Argentine tango classes in English y en Español. Private tango lessons in Kiev

Hernan Che and Natalia Orlova at Friday monthly milonga in Kiev

Bold, elegant, sensual, intellectual, bitter, sweet, delicate, expressive, mystical Argentine tango adds a perfect spark to your busy life. For more than a century, tango salons have served a natural milieu for social networking, looking for love, and chilling out with style. Tango culture is a whole new world of quests and challenges, so join us to decode them!

We cooperate with many Argentine tango teachers, as well as with professional tango instructors from all over Europe. Stay tuned with our Facebook group so as not to miss a special event!

Timetable and prices

8 Klovsky Descent, 4th floor, “Sputnik Dance” studio
(7 minute walk from Metro Klovska, say “tango” to pass the guard)

Mon 20:00-21:30 – Tango Intermediate
Tue  20:00-21:30 – Tango for Beginners
Wed 20:00-21:30 – Tango Intermediate
Thu  20:00-21:30 – Tango for Beginners

1 class = UAH 100 per person
8 classes = UAH 650

To inquire on group classes or arrange a private lesson, call Anatoliy Yakimchuk at +38 (067) 220-33-39.

What can one learn in a 3 month tango course for beginners?

Your first tango class in Kiev● Listening to your own and your partner’s body.
● Hearing the music, anticipating its flow, dancing your emotions.
● Leading, following and indulging in it.
● Improvising with various simple steps among other couples.
● Dancing tango, tango vals and tango milonga with character.

A dance is often compared to a language. Steps = vocabulary, technique = grammar and pronunciation, navigation = fostering, musicality = literary style,.. and the sense depends on you.

With time, you learn to “compose poems” and “sparkle with wit”. Let’s make a nice and easy start with “small talk” :)

Where can you fulfil your skill?

At milongas in Kiev and worldwide.
Tango is an international clan embracing you wherever you are. Explore the intricacies of tango codes, enjoying the festive and flirtatious atmosphere of social tango dancing.

At tango festivals and marathons.
Dance till you drop – with new friends, to live orchestras, after master classes and sightseeing, at palaces and hangars, in the parks and in the squares, on the beach or on the boat, in a salt mine or in the middle of a desert by torchlight!

At family events or business parties.
Star in a choreography that we’ll stage according to your abilities.

At any smooth surface:
in the kitchen, on the roof, or stranded at an airport, you name it.

At the capital of tango!
We organize tailored tango trips to Buenos Aires, that include cheap flights, convenient accommodation, guided tours around historic tango streets and venues, optional excursions to Montevideo and Iguazú, minigroup classes and private tango lessons by world-famous maestros, as well as wining, dining and having all the fun at the best milongas of the day.

To learn more about the tango tours, contact Natalia Orlova in Buenos Aires:
• Whatsapp +54 9 11 3906 8736
• E-mail


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